Do you even lift, coward?

Vegeta: Prince of Saiyans, King of Subtlety.

What does the Grey Fox say?

Look at that skeleton in the bottom-right corner. I’ve never seen a more awestruck skeleton.

Follower/Not Follower Appreciation March 2014. Each month I print-screen my Activity screen and post links to the people in the Biggest Fans section.

  1. moneymaker110 nsfw
  2. mindless-odyssey
  3. jessmes5
  4. ladywitchgrave

If any of you have a Twitter (or something like that) that you’d like included, just let me know.

"Noooooooo" not included.

Jackie Chan is invincible, providing he has a ladder and isn’t looking for any trouble.

Cue the theme tune.